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    History on SA Numeric Number Plates

  • The 'Motor Traffic Regulation Act' of 1904 was the first legislation issued in South Australia and it was administered by the Treasury. Its Primary objective was to impose speed limits but also included requirements for lamps, instruments to warn passers-by of approach and a prohibition on driving on footpaths.

  • Futher regulations were introduced in July 1906 requiring all owners to register their vehicles and for drivers to obtain a driver's licence. Penalties and disqualification criteria were also outlined and a minimal age of 17 years was set.

  • Registration fees were 2 shillings and 6 pence for motorcycles and 10 shillings for all other types of vehicles. Registration was valid for the period of vehicle ownership. In August, Frederick Cornish, at that time Chief Clerk of the Treasury, was appointed as the first registrar and commenced his new duties on 22nd August 1906.

  • On Sunday October 13, 1985 at 1pm, South Australia held its Great Plate Auction at the Hilton International Hotel in Adelaide.

  • The Auction was conducted on behalf of the South Australian Government and provided investors and motoring enthusiasts alike with an opportunity to secure a piece of South Australian motoring history.

  • 329 lots were auctioned off on the day including historic plates (which will be uploaded very soon), a special jubilee series as well as many special numbered plates never previously issued. As well as adding great prestige to the purchaser's car, they could be sold at any given time for a tidy profit.

  • Proceeds from the auction were used to assist Motoring Authorities to conduct road safety campaigns throughout South Australia.